New Effective Weight Loss Method: Taking a Snapshot of Your Meal

Sep 04, 2008
Watching what you eat can actually help you lose weight quite effective, the new study says.

Those who care about their diet are more successful, having the visual evidence of their meals that helps to control the eating habits. In the study, Lydia Zepeda and David Deal, the researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison asked 43 people to keep track of their eating habits by writing food diaries and photographing their meals over one week.

After the scientists questioned the participants, the photo diaries proved to be more effective in recording calories and preventing overeating. Taking the photo of the meal was not only a powerful visual tool, but also it stimulated more critical approach before the food was eaten.

"I had to think more carefully about what I was going to eat because I had to take a picture of it," many participants said.

Some food specialists offer food diaries method for weight loss, when a daily consumption of the food is written in a notebook. This method is believed to be a good way of quilting the dieters and keeping them from overeating and taking snacks.

However, food diary is a more laborious task and is often done long after the meal. In comparison to written evidence, taking the photos of the food before eating prompts healthier diet, improving the quality of the meals.

"I noticed that there weren't too many greens in my diet, which means I should try to eat more vegetables and fruits," said one of the volunteers.

The researchers said that using the digital cameras that are widely available even on most mobile photos, makes the diet record an easy task.

The results were published in the International Journal of Consumer Studies.