New Weight Loss Supplement as Effective as 20-Min Walk

Feb 04, 2010
A novel weight loss supplement shows promise in helping you shed extra weight more quickly. Scientists at the University of Oklahoma Health and Exercise Science Department studied the weight loss supplement that is claimed to burn as many calories as 20-minute walk.

The supplement called tri-pepper blend contains black pepper, caffeine and capsaicin, the ingredient in red pepper that turns it so spicy.

Joel T. Cramer, assistant professor of exercise physiology and the leading researcher examined the effectiveness of the new weight loss supplement. The participants took the supplement or a placebo during the study. Scientists also measured the metabolic rate of the participants by calculating how much oxygen was consumed and the amount of carbone dioxide produced after they took the supplement.

The findings of the study showed that the energy expenditures reached 3 to 6 percent on average, which proves the effectiveness of the tri-pepper blend supplement.