NewYu Fitness Gadget for Tracking Your Activities

Aug 19, 2011
A Wellcore company has introduced its new health gadget called NewYu Fitness Monitor that tracks you everyday activities, including walking, running, biking and other workout routines as well as everyday tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and shopping to give you more accurate answer about your calories burned.  The device uses innovative motion detection technology that analyzes different types of motions, tracking your daily activities and calories you have burned.

The small and lightweight monitor is attached to a waistband, collar or sleeve to wear it throughout the day, detecting your body movements.

The NewYu device sends your data to personal and secure online dashboard, where users can view easy-to-read charts and track their progress.

The company works in partnership with CalorieKing site that offers quick calorie consumption tracking. Also the users can share their success or get support, connecting to Connect Yu community.

The device has Managed Fitness feature that allows health and fitness professionals give users recommendations on their training routine and diet changes based on the monitor's data.