Nexercise: iPhone App Rewards You for Exercising

Oct 25, 2011
In a bid to make all couch potatoes move, the new iPhone app makes working out a game with the prize for those who try hard.

Nexercise is an app that tracks you physical activities, such as running, walking, aerobics, dancing, weightlifting and many others and rewards you for being acive with free and discounted merchandise.

Nexercise CEO and co-founder Ben Young decided to create the new app to beat the sedentary lifestyle by offering a reward for that.

The user notifies the app what activity they are going to start and when they are done with it. The devicee tracks the activity via the motion of the sensor. The user gets points for active lifestyle based on the length of the workout and healthy habits that contribute to regular working out, such as working out with your friend. Those who get the most points are more likely to win the prize such as gift cards or coupons for different items.

While the Nexercise is already available on the App Store, the developer said it will improve the app to make it more convenient.