Nike + SportBand Running Watch

Jul 22, 2010
For many Nike and jogging lovers, there is a wristband that is designed specially for you to make your running experience effective. It encourages you to get fit, knowing all the necessary data about your running sessions.

Nike+ Sport Band is a health gadget that tells you about the distance, time, pace and calories burned during running. The nicely designed wristband looks simple, yet provides you with all the necessary information during your run. Unlike the Nike+iPod Sports Kit that allows you to use Apple iPod and listen to your favorite music while running, this gadget works without iPod and displays the data on the wristband's screen. Together with the sensor placed in the Nike+ ready shoes, it collects all the data about the distance, calories burned, pace and time so that you can look at it in real time.

The wristband stores up to 30 hours of your workouts. If you want to analyze and improve your results, you can join the famous running club and make use of the popular Nike tools and features on the website nikeplus.com. The Nike + SportBand Running Watch has a USB connection to share your running experience on the website and see your progress day after day.

When you are not running the wristband works as a wristwatch, which is also water-resistant. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, Nike + SportBand Running Watch does not interfere with your workouts, but makes you run more successfully.