No Need to Wait to Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

Aug 06, 2010
Women, who want to get pregnant after miscarriage may not need to wait six or more months, the new study says.

Sohinee Bhattacharya, the leading author from University of Aberdeen revealed that women, who conceived within six months after miscarriage have better chances of having a healthy pregnancy and avoid common complications associated with pregnancy after miscarriage. The scientists analyzed the data of 30,000 women in Scotland, who had a miscarriage and conceived after that.

The findings indicate that women, who got pregnant within six months after miscarriage, have lower risk of having another miscarriage, termination of pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy if compared to women, who got pregnant after six to 12 months after miscarriage. Also these women had better chances to avoid premature delivery, caesarean section or give birth to babies with low weight.

Researchers of the study say that there is no need to delay pregnancy after miscarriage unless a woman had complications after miscarriage such as infection. This especially refers to women over 35, who want to get pregnant, as they are more likely to have difficulties conceiving and healthy pregnancy.