No!No! Professional Hair Removal System with No Problems

Jun 18, 2010
If you want to get rid of unwanted hair but hate shaving or waxing, you might try a new method of hair removal called No!No! Professional Hair Removal System.

NO NO Hair Removal is small-sized gadget aimed at removing unwanted hair on most body parts, including legs, bikini and underarms, using the innovative technology. It works based on Thermicon technology that uses thermodynamic pulses of heat to destroy hair follicles. This scientific method is adapted to home use and claims to reduce hair growth by up to 94 percent of consistent use. All you need to do is to run the No!No! device along your skin, where you want to get rid of hair. The green light lets you know if you are using it right, while odor signals you about hair removal.

The No!No! system does not promise rapid hair removal, but instead offers continuous reduction of hair over time. You need to use the device two or three times per week for about eight weeks to see visible results. The system is suitable for all hair types and skin types from dark to light and does not require certain hair length to make it work. There are also other advantages of No!No! Professional Hair Removal System over other methods of hair removal. First of all, No!No! is painless hair removal method so that you may only have the slight warm sensation. Also you can avoid common problems such as in-grown hair, red pimples, cuts and burns with this method.

No!No! Professional Hair Removal System will not give you smooth skin at once, because it requires patience and time and you may also need to shave the rest of hair for the first weeks, but over time you will notice less hair growing back and even if it regrows, it becomes less visible.