Odegon Iron-on Fabric Tags Fight Body Odor

Aug 02, 2011
Nowadays, clothing becomes smarter, fighting the viruses, making you slimmer, measuring your vital signs and performing other healthy tasks. The UK-based company Odegon also introduced something new in smart clothing industry.

DeOdourTags are the company's nano-porous fabric tags that are ironed-on or sewn into the clothing to neutralize unpleasant body odor. The tags are fragrance-free, non-allergenic, long-lasting, base-neutral and easy on the environment. The specially designed tags are made of nano-porous material that keeps the odor molecules in with the help of inert intermolecular force. As a result you feel fresh and nice-smelling. They can be ironed-on to the clothing, for example, to the underarm area of the garment and it works just as long as you want to wear the clothing. You can wash and dry clean the tags while they are still attached to the clothing many times.

More information at Odegon.com