OneTouch Delicia System for Painless Glucose Testing

Jul 01, 2010
LifeScan, a leading manufacturer of blood glucose monitors for people dealing with diabetes has released a novel product called One Touch Delica Lancing System.

For people with diabetes, regular blood glucose testing is a part of their daily routine. To control blood sugar, a person should use the blood glucose monitor, which means pricking the skin with a lancet to take a blood sample. A diabetic should perform the testing several times a day to obtain the necessary information. This often becomes an obstacle to regular blood glucose monitoring as people avoid the pain of this procedure.

OneTouch Delicia Lancing System was designed to make blood glucose testing more comfortable and less painful. The new device has innovative patented 33 gauge lancet that is as much as 40 percent thinner that widely used 28 gauge lancets. The blood glucose system also features Advanced Glide™ Control System, which makes the testing more precise by controlling the lancet to avoid the vibration. OneTouch Delicia has 7 adjustable depth settings so that a person can choose shallower finger pricks for less painful experience.

The clinical trials that involved 200 people with diabetes showed that 4 out of 5 participants reported about almost painless experience with OneTouch Delicia Lancing System. According to the report the system was also easy to use and quiet.

The OneTouch Delica Lancing System works with OneTouch Delica Lancets.