Personal UV Monitor with Exposure Timer

May 05, 2009
Many people know about the hazards of UV exposure, beginning from sunburn to more dangerous skin cancer. However, recent studies show that vitamin D, which is produced from the sun exposure is also very important for health, protecting you from such diseases as heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, sleep disorders and overactive, immune system. Summer is a great time to obtain enough vitamin D. However, you need to limit the time spent on the sun to protect your skin from overexposure.

The new Oregon Scientific UV888A Personal UV Monitor with Exposure Timer was designed to make sure you won't overdo sunbathing at the seaside. This UV monitor not only determines the current UV levels and temperature, but tells how much time you can spend in the sun according to your skin type and SPF of the sunscreen you use. If you ever question yourself what is the best time for you to get the benefits from sun exposure rather than harm, UV monitor will analyze everything for you.

The device is equipped with countdown timer that is automatically updated with any changes in UV levels. It has a wrist Velcro strap for comfortable wear. You can also use it in the water as this UV monitor is splash-proof.

To use the Oregon Scientific UV888A Personal UV Monitor with Exposure Timer, you only need to program you skin type from 4 types available and the SPF if you apply any. The unit evaluates the recommended exposure time and sends beep sound to notify you, when it's time to hide from the sun. It's great to use on holidays during sunbathing, especially for children, who enjoy playing at the seaside for long.