Philips Wake-up Light Wakes You Up in Better Mood

Oct 16, 2010
Do you struggle to leave your bed in the morning, especially on those dark winter months and feel tired or blue even after waking up? Many people, who experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), live with the feeling of depression and fatigue, sleep problems and low energy.

Philips Wake-up Light wakes you up gently so that you will feel refreshed and happy every day. It uses halogen lamp to emit gradual light that boosts serotonin level and makes you feel rested and blissful on waking up. The light increases gradually to imitate the sunrise. This is a more natural way to get up every morning than using drugs, alarm clocks and other devices.

You can also choose what to hear first in the morning as Philips Wake-up Light uses nature's sounds or fm radio sounds to wake you up.

This health gadget can be especially useful for people with SAD, depression, fatigue and everyone, who wants to wake up peacefully.  Using the Philips Wake-up Light just 15 to 45 minutes a day can considerably improve your mood and your vitality.