Plasma Flashlight Kills Harmful Bacteria

Apr 09, 2012
Your body is full of various types of bacteria and while most of them are quite harmless, there are also many antibiotic-resistant bacteria that are quite hard to get rid of. But now you have a new health gadget that will kill all those harmful bacteria in just seconds.

The Portable Plasma Flashlight developed by Australian and Chinese scientists kills 17 layers of bacteria that form on human skin. The device exposes skin to plasma that has the temperature between 68 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit or 20-23 degrees Celsius and does not harm skin tissues.

Until now, in order to kill harmful germs you needed high temperatures, which cannot be used in medicine without burning the tissues. The problem is that bacteria tends to form biofilms that act as a protective layer from any outside factors. Washing your hands with antibacterial soaps can help you get rid of bacteria, but that does not mean the bacteria becomes inactive.

Scientists suggested that plasma's interaction with air mimics the immune system. They cultured bacteria for a week and blasted the plasma to the bacteria biofilms, which resulted in killing all those layers of bacteria and inactivity of the top layer.

The Portable Plasma Flashlight costs 100 dollars and will become available quite soon.