Plush Guts Make You Love Your Insides

Feb 02, 2011
Following the trendy Giantmicrobes, plush educational toys that represent different microbes and cells, such as flu virus, sperm cell, herpes virus and others, I Heart Guts company offer their insight into human body organs.

I Heart Guts was created by Wendy Bryan, an illustrator, who loves internal organs and what they do. The company offers plush toys, T-shirts, stickers, buttons, bags that stand for various guts. The idea came to the inventor when she drew a broken heart after bad relationships. During those difficult times of too much drinking and smoking, Bryan imagined sad liver, lungs, kidneys and other organs.  After some time Wendy Bryan came up with a bunch of cute plush guts.

The I Heart Guts range includes such organs as uterus, lungs, heart, stomach, liver, bladder, spleen, pancreas, brain, gallbladder, kidney and intestine.

These plush guts, most probably, will become a perfect Valentine's gift for your beloved doctor or other medical specialist, as well as for a friend or your close one, who has a sense of humor. After all what can be more heart-warming than a plush real heart for the one you love the most?