PMS Can Help You Give up Smoking

Apr 22, 2008
Those women who decided to give up smoking may succeed if they choose the right time of the month- during a premenstrual period, the study says.

The study conducted at the University of Michigan showed that 85 percent of women who tried to give up smoking after their periods did not managed to do it. In comparison, 66 percent of women who attempted to quit smoking after ovulation stage and before their periods failed to do so.

Experts explain that during the menstrual cycle different levels of female sex hormones influence their ability to stop the bad habit.

In the first half of the cycle, when an egg in one of the ovaries starts to mature, women find it more difficult to quit smoking. During this stage, women are more likely to experience withdrawal symptoms and keep the nicotine in their body for longer time.

Scientists say that these findings are potentially valuable, but further research is necessary to understand the biological mechanism that contributes to these peculiarities.

Women who smoke face a high risk of emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, coronary heart disease and other diseases. Smoking also contributes to premature ageing, causing earlier skin wrinkling and lower bone density.

Women, smoking during pregnancy are at increased risk of giving birth to low-weight babies, are more likely to give birth prematurely and may even face infant death.