Polar FA20 Fitness Computer Tracks Your Daily Activities

Jun 28, 2010
If you want to become more active, but cannot force yourself to stick to a strict fitness regimen, you can use the latest health gadget that will make you burn those extra calories more effectively.

The Polar FA20 Fitness Computer was developed to measure your fitness level during everyday activities. The gadget is suitable for people of all ages, who want to improve their activity and general health by making simple and effective improvements in their lifestyle. The Polar FA20 Fitness Computer records your daily activities, such as doing your housework, walking your pet, climbing the stairs and many others and tells about your activity level throughout the day.Thus you can make positive changes where you need it by looking at the results. For example, you can choose stairs over driving to work and add some extra calories burned to your daily fitness level.

The Polar FA20 Fitness Computer tracks active steps or your body movements and tells about the intensity of your efforts in graphs according to five activity zones. The watch also records the amount of calories burned and lets you know the real time energy expenditure rate. You can store all the information about calories burned, steps taken and intensity level or send it to the website polarpersonaltrainer.com via Polar FlowLink. At the end of the day you can take a look at your results, if you have been active or a couch potato and make further improvements. The Polar watch is available in white and black color designs for women and men.