Polar WearLink Monitors Heart Rate with Nike and iPod

Jun 15, 2010
Polar and Nike released a new heart rate monitoring system that works together with Nike+ systems or other compatible workout equipment. The Polar WearLink+ Coded Transmitter is a band that is worn around the chest and transfers your heart rate wirelessly to the compatible Nike+ SportBand or Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. This allows you to train while running by looking at the intensity of your workouts.

The Polar WearLink+ transmitter monitors heart beats that you can see or hear during run. The data can be also sent to the nikeplus.com site, where you can watch over your training progress.

This health gadget is very easy to use and comfortable to wear with its soft textile strap that does not restrict body movements and can be effortlessly put on or taken off during training.

The new Polar transmitter is also compatible with iPod nano, the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit, Polar training computers and most of the fitness equipment.

The Polar WearLink+ is especially helpful for all Nike enthusiasts to improve their fitness level, using latest technology. The device is available in the US from June and in Canada and many European countries from July.