Poor-Fitting Condoms Cause Sexual Dissatisfaction for Men

Feb 16, 2010
Many men report about ill-fitting condoms, which increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy as well as sexual dissatisfaction, a new study suggests.

Scientists conducted an online survey at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction website of 436 men, aged between 18 and 67 that asked men about condom fit the last time they had sex with a woman. Almost 45 percent of all respondents reported about poor-fitting condoms in the last three months. The most common problems caused by poor-fitting condoms were condom slippage and breakage. Men also reported about irritation of the penis due to its poor fit.

Sexual dissatisfaction was also on the top of the complaints for wrong size condoms. If the condom fitted ill, it often led to difficulties reaching orgasm as well as reduced sexual pleasure during the intercourse, study revealed.

Besides, men who felt uncomfortable in a condom were twice as likely to take off the condom even before the end of the intercourse, which cancels the protection against STD's and increases the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Researchers point out the importance of the adequate fit of the condom. Nowadays, different condom brands offer condoms that are different in size and shapes.

Tips to find good-fitting condom:

  • Explore the variety of condoms. Size, length and width of the condoms can vary, having a closer fit or larger fit. Condom that is too small is comfortable to wear, while condom that is too big can easily slip off during the intercourse. In order to find the right-fitting condom, it is recommended to try condoms from different brands.

  • Check the width of the condom. Many men think that if the condom is poorly fitting, it has the wrong length. In fact, in most cases condoms feels uncomfortable because their penis may be wider than the average. If you want a better fitting condom and have wider penis, watch for brands with larger width.

  • Test the length of the condom. Most of the condoms have the length that is larger than average, which is 7,5 inches long. But if you have longer penis, you may need to look for "large" or "XL" style condoms.

  • Try extra features. There is also a range of condoms that have additional features, like ribbed or dotted condoms. They may turn out to be better fitting too.

  • Try a female condom. If most condoms feel uncomfortable to you, you may also suggest your partner using female condom, which is worn inside a woman's vagina.