Pregnancy Suit Allows Men Feel Pregnancy Sensations

Aug 18, 2011
You cannot fully understand what it's like to be a pregnant woman, until you experience all the difficulties and discomfort of pregnancy yourself.

The Japanese scientists at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology have developed a Mommy Tummy suit that simulates pregnancy sensations. The dads-to-be can wear this pregnancy suit to go though nine months of weight gain, breast enlargement, baby kicks and changes in balance. The suit has a bladder that gradually fills in to increase the weight and imitate weight gain. It also has bladders in the chest area to simulate breast enlargement. The baby kicks are created with the help of several actuators that fire on and off.

The 80 percent of women, who wore pregnancy suit during trials said that the sensations are accurate enough.

Specialists hope that the Mommy Tummy suit will be useful in hospitals and during pregnancy classes to make men more empathic.