Protect-A-Bed Makes Potty Training and Bedwetting Easier

Mar 30, 2011
Going through potty training is a challenging task for parents. Protect-A-Bed's range of mattresses and pillow products protect your bed from wetness and stains that are associated with potty training and bedwetting. This helps parents reduce their cleaning time and extend the life of their mattresses and pillows.

The best time to start potty training is when your child is physically and psychologically ready for it. However, even if potty training goes quite successfully, there will be many wetting accidents that parents need to overcome over time. In this case , it is better to use specially designed bed protectors like Potty Training Protection Kit, a waterproof, yet breathable system that creates dry, hygienic, bug-free and anti-allergenic environment for a good night sleep. This system features a patented Miracle Membrane® that protects your mattress from heat, moisture and stains. It also keeps your bed from allergens and dust mites.

If your child wets the bed, you can simply remove the sheet and the protector, and the mattress remains dry and clean. The design of the protector allows you to keep cleaning to a minimum, which is especially helpful, if your child is potty training or has bedwetting problems.