Puma Cardiac Watch Monitors Heart Rate

Jul 30, 2010
Those, who regularly workout, may already know how important is to watch over your heart rate during physical activities. Puma Cardiac Watch is designed to monitor your heart rate to maximize your training.

This heart rate monitor has a number of the helpful features. First of all, it works as a heart rate monitor watch with wireless ECG sensor belt that is hooked around the chest. While you are working out or simply resting, the watch displays your heart rate so that you can get to know if your heart rate is in the target zone for your activity. You can also set the heart rate zone according to your preferences to improve your training.

It also can be used as a regular watch to display time, as a chronograph to time your workouts with the help of the EL backlight or a timer to count down to the end of your exercises. The Puma Cardiac Watch features a 50 lap counter and alarm. You can switch from one mode to another using buttons on a display.

You can choose from different colors, including white, black, yellow and red and pick up the one that match your style. The solid and sporty design will appeal to workout fans, while the watch itself is quite easy to use, which is very important for active lifestyle.