Pushing Baby Stroller Burns Extra Calories

May 06, 2011
If you struggle to lose post pregnancy weight, getting back to shape can be as easy as walking with the baby stroller. The recent study revealed that pushing baby stroller can be considered an effective exercise as it burns more calories than simple walking.

The small study included 15 women, aged between 19 and 41, who gave birth to a baby. The results of the study showed that women burned 18 to 20 percent more calories when walking with a baby stroller, than walking alone. Women burned around 372 to 444 calories per hour with a stroller, which is similar to riding a bike.

Recently stroller workouts become increasingly popular, because this type of workout allows mother to perform the exercises with their children, share their experience with other women and effectively lose weight. For effective workout specialists recommend buying stroller with three fixed wheels with 16 to 20 inches diameter, have adjustable handlebars, hand breaks and five point safety harness.

There are also effective workouts with a stroller for new moms such as Lean Mommy: Bond with Your Baby and Get Fit with the Stroller Strides Program that help you get back into shape and bond with a baby.