Raisin System Sends Your Bodily Info to Your Mobile Phone

Aug 16, 2010
The smart device that tracks your heart rate, heart activity and sleep and sends this vital information to your iPhone via Bluetooth was developed by specialists at Proteus Biomedical Inc.

Proteus Biomedical is a medicine company that introduced the innovative "chip in the pill" technology that reminds the patient to take their medications, sending a signal to the patient when the pill is swallowed. The pills fitted with edible microchips allow to report when the pill was ingested to the receiver's sensor, called the Raisin Personal Monitor, which considerably improves the consistency of taking the pills.

The Raisin Personal Monitor is a patch-like wearable device that is not only able to track if the patient has taken the medications, but also monitor the user's heart rate, physical activity, respiratory patterns, body position and other events. After that the valuable information is sent via Bluetooth to mobile phones and then can be analyzed by their doctors. For example, this health gadget can signal about the fluid in the lungs so that their caregiver can make certain changes in dosage of the medications.

The monitor has passed through US Food and Drug Administration approval, while the new system has recently received the European Union's CE mark. Proteus Biomedical are currently developing their innovative systems in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric disorders, organ transplantation and infectious disease.