Regular Sex is Good For Men's Heart Health

Jan 12, 2010
Men, who have sex on a regular basis are less likely to develop heart disease, a new study suggests.

The 16-year study conducted at the New England Research Institute in Massachusetts included more than 1,000 men. Scientists found that men, who had sex least twice a week had 45 percent  lower risk of developing heart disease, compared to men, who had sex just once a month and less frequently.

The study revealed that sex is good for men's physical and emotional health. During sex men are physically active, which may explain its benefits for heart health. Men, who have regular sex, are also more likely to have close relationships with a partner, which helps them deal with stress and in its turn contributes to better heart health.

It is not clear yet if regular sex has the same benefits for women's heart, but recent studies showed that sexual activity is good for various aspects of men's and women's health. Some of health benefits of sex include stress reduction, better immunity, lower risk of prostate cancer, better sleep and others.

The study was published in the recent issue of the American Journal of Cardiology.