Remee Sleep Mask Allows You to See Dreams You Want

May 23, 2012
What if you could choose your dreams? Now the dreams can come true. The innovative Remee sleep mask is a gadget that allows you to have lucid dreams that can be controlled. The mask features six red LED lights that are visible to the brain, but do not disturb your sleep.
When you enter the REM sleep, deep stage of sleep, the lights turn on to indicate that you are dreaming. This gives you an opportunity to control what to dream about.

Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan, who developed the sleep mask say that though their invention could help you see lucid dreams, it does not happen every time. The state of lucid dreams, when you realize that you are dreaming, is quite hard to achieve.

Remee flashes the lights every 15-20 seconds, pausing for 15 minutes between the signals. The lights are visible during REM sleep, but do not have any effect during other stages of sleep.

Lucid dreams allow you to control your dreams, fight your fears and nightmares, fulfill your goals and overcome your anxieties. There are various techniques that help you see lucid dreams, but it needs practice and efforts.
Via Digitaltrends.com