Resperate Device Lowers Blood Pressure with Relaxing Music

Feb 01, 2012
Having high blood pressure often means that you need to take blood pressure drugs regularly. But the makers of a new health gadget claim that their device can help control your blood pressure without medications.

The gadget called Resperate works by slowing down user's breathing, playing soothing music. First it checks user's breathing through a strap that is worn around their chest and then plays the relaxing music, allowing the user to breath in tune with certain notes. This slows down your breathing which in its turn lowers blood pressure. We take around 18 breath a minute on average, but to lower blood pressure we need to slow down to less than 10 per minute. This can be achieved with the help of a new health gadget.

It is recommended to spend at least 40 minutes per week, which is about 4 sessions of 10 minutes, using Resperate device to see positive results.

Though specialists warn that patients should not discontinue using their blood pressure drugs, the device can significantly improve your condition.