Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System for Unborn Baby

Jan 23, 2010
If you care not only about physical development of your future baby, but his or her psychological well-being, start playing music during pregnancy. Now you can use Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System specially designed by Nuvo Group for this purpose.

The innovative device looks like a belt, equipped with speakers and the controller and covered with a soft fabric, that is wrapped around the belly of the expectant mother. The controller is connected to an mp3 player, or any other portable audio device to let your baby listen to the music. The patented Safe and Sound Technology controls the volume so that a baby can enjoy music at a safe level, no matter how loud you prefer it to be.

The system was developed by Oren Oz, who is a father of two, who wanted to create a device that plays music for his unborn baby, which is comfortable enough for his wife to wear during pregnancy. Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System can be worn under the clothes, allowing a woman feel comfy in any position.

Like many parents to be, the designer was encouraged by the idea of prenatal development. It is known that unborn babies are able to react to the music by 17th week of pregnancy. Listening to the music, especially classic music, in the womb is good for sensory and emotional development of the baby, being a good way to bond with your baby and reduce stress.