Robotic Bear-Shaped Pillow Helps to Cope with Snoring

Nov 17, 2011
Does you or your partner suffer from snoring? At the recent International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo Japanese researchers presented their robotic bear-shaped pillow that eases snoring and makes sleep peaceful for both partners. The cute bear pillow called Jukusui-Kun is designed to monitor snoring of the user. When the snoring becomes too loud or there is a danger of sleep apnea, the robot gently touches the face of the user to help him change sleeping position.

Snoring is often the problem for more than one person. The one, who snores, is at risk of more serious condition sleep apnea, while the person sleeping next to the snorer may suffer from insomnia since snoring interferes with their sleep.

The robotic pillow features baby bear-shaped pulse-oxygen meter that is attached to the user's hand to keep track of the oxygen level in the blood and is connected to the pillow terminal and a microphone that evaluates the level of noise from snoring. When the measurements indicate snoring or sleep apnea, the bear brushes user's face with his paw, which encourages him to change the sleeping position.

So far the smart health gadget is not available on the market.