Rodial Boob Job to Boost Your Cup Size

Oct 01, 2010
Many women, who are unsatisfied with their breasts size, try different methods to make them look fuller. And if you don't like the idea of undergoing a breast enlargement surgery, there is one more option to test.

Rodial has introduced a new cream called Boob Job that claims to increase your breast size by two and a half centimeters. The cream contains natural chemicals such as phytosterol and boosts the amount of fat cells in the breasts, making them fuller. The company says that the Rodial Boob Job works by blocking fat cells into the breasts. To achieve the results you have to apply the cream every day for about 56 day.

Besides the larger breasts you can also expect a lifting effect, as the skin becomes firmer and smoother. Of course it won't offer your radical changes in your cup size, but the changes are claimed to be quite noticeable. The Rodial Boob Job is far less pricey than surgery and you can get it on Amazon.com.