Rose-tinted Glasses is a Migraine Cure

May 02, 2012
When you look through rose-tinted glasses life indeed seems better, especially when you suffer from dreadful migraines. The recent study revealed that wearing glasses with rosy hue may reduce and prevent headaches and migraines.

During the study 22 patients, some of whom suffered from migraines with aura and others without headaches were wearing clear, grey or rose-tinted glasses while looking at high-contrast patterns, which create movement effect and can trigger migraines.

The scientists used rose-tinted glasses with FL-14 shade that is used to protect eyes from blue-green light of fluorescent lamp, another migraine trigger. Previous studies on children showed that wearing rose-tinted glasses can reduce the number of migraine headaches from 6 to less that two per month.

Currently the glasses with FL-41 tint are available in FL-41 Anti-Migraine Eye-Wear made by company Axon Optics.
via Everydayhealth.com


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