Salter Nutri-Weight Dietary Computer Scale

Jul 08, 2009
If it matters to you what exactly you eat or want to lose weight, then you need a personal tool to help you change your eating habits. Salter Nutri-Weight Dietary Computer Scale is a specially designed food scale not only to measure food and liquids for preparing healthy and delicious recipes, but gives useful information about nutritional value of the food by portion size.

The latest version of the Salter Nutri-Weight Dietary Scale 1450 contains database of more than 1400 foods. So whenever you want to cook something special, put the food and get all the valuable info about proteins, carbohydrates, fat, total sugar, fiber, sodium and cholesterol and net carbs, which can be seen on the screen.

It also works as calorie counter and records your intake for up to a week. This info can be used as an effective weight loss plan to keep track of your diet. The computer allows to can memorize the diet progress of two different users. In addition to it, you can store up to 100 of your own recipes and food intake.

The Salter Nutri Weight looks like a laptop with two displays with search screen to find the foods from the database and a nutrition screen that shows common measurements of the food items (in grams, pounds/ounces) and liquids (in milliliters, ounces) and their nutritional value. The computer scale is always handy with touchpad keyboard to check all the useful information about food.

Salter Nutri-Weight Dietary Computer Scale is also a helpful tool for people with some medical conditions like diabetes to calculate the exact amount of carbohydrates, for example. And if you are a new mom, the scale can be use for making homemade baby food.