Sanomedics Talking Non-Contact Thermometer

Jul 16, 2010
Most parents struggle to take their child's temperature, because children can be worried about the unknown objects inserted inside their bodies. Many children are also too fidgety to keep them in place for some time to take the temperature. This makes the procedure very difficult to perform and decreases the accuracy of the readings.

Sanomedics Talking Non-Contact Thermometer gives you an opportunity to take the temperature easily without even touching your child's body. The thermometer uses non-contact technology to determine the temperature by sensing a person's heat released via radiation. Touch-free gadget allows you to take the measurements without risking your safety and reducing the risk of infection.

To use the thermometer you have to aim the sensor of the thermometer toward the forehead around two inches from the skin and you will have the results on a led display in just one second. If the temperature is above normal, the thermometer will display flash red to warn you about it. Talk feature allows you to hear the readings in three different languages (English, French, Spanish), which can become helpful for people with impaired vision.

The Talking Non-Contact Thermometer can be used by all family members and you will be sure that the thermometer gives the most accurate results. You can also take your child's temperature while he or she is sleeping. The thermometer can become very useful for new parents as it can be applied to take the temperature of the formula, bath water, food and many other things.