Scientists Develop Innovative Blood Pressure Gadget

Feb 22, 2011
Soon checking your blood pressure could become even easier with a new device developed by researchers at the University of Leicester and the Singapore-based medical technology company HealthSTATS International.

Usually, the doctors check blood pressure using an arm-cuff monitor, while a new health gadget named the CASPro blood pressure monitor could be worn just like a regular watch. The name CASP means central aortic systolic pressure, which is the pressure by the largest artery - aorta.

The device is placed on the wrist where a CASP's sensor measures the pulse. The new method takes measurements from the radial artery, which gives more accurate measurements due to its closeness to the heart and the brain.

The pulse waves are sent into the computer, where the specially developed program interprets the results. The novel method allows to measure blood pressure continuously in real time and will be available in doctor's offices within few years.