Scientists to Develop Sunscreen Pill That Will Work for Weeks

Sep 01, 2011
While everyone knows that sunscreen is a must-have for hot summer days, not everyone uses it correctly, which means reapplying the sunscreen after several hours throughout the day.

Now, the researchers at King's College London in UK have come up with an absolutely new way of using your sun-protecting products. They discovered that corals make their own sunscreen, which may lead to a new era in sun protection. Scientists have noticed that marine organisms that live in shallow waters can protect themselves from the ultraviolet rays obtaining the compound produced by algae. The fish that feed on the coral also gets the UV protection. Moreover, the compound, once swallowed, protects skin and eyes.

The scientists plan to develop a pill that will shield your skin and eyes for several weeks, protect you from skin cancer and premature ageing. The sunscreen pill will need to undergo trials and will be available in five years or so.