Scientists Find a Clue to Women's Longevity

Jul 01, 2008
It has been long questioned why women outlive men and what contributes to longevity the best. Now scientists discovered a group of proteins that can contribute to longevity in females.

The study conducted by Spanish and Italian scientists showed that a group of proteins could be the key to the extended longevity. During the experiment, the scientists found out female and calorie-restricted rats have different levels of 27 proteins in comparison to male rats and those on a common diet. This might indicate that unknown group of proteins are actually responsible for longer lives for women and those who keep to calorie restriction diet.

Adamo Valle and his colleagues said that on average women live longer than men, while the recent researches showed that low calorie diet also contributes to longevity. It is explained by a variety of factors such as hormones, protection from cardiovascular diseases and others.

Statistics show that in 2004 life expectancy for U.S. women was 5,2 years longer than men and that the tendency of longer lifespan for women can be seen all around the world. This can be explained by several factors, including evolution.

Evolutionary, men had to win woman's attention which predisposed them to be more aggressive in their behavior. Men were inclined to act violently and take risk that increased their death rates. Nowadays, it is known that more men than women are involved in risky behavior increasing their chances to die in car accidents, to perform violent acts or commit a suicide.

However, one of the biggest obstacles towards healthier and longer lives today is obesity. The only proven way known to boost your life expectancy is to maintain a healthy diet with a good balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutritive. This will considerably improves health and protects from the risks of developing cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and other diseases.

Scientists say that though genetic predisposition might play its role, everyone can improve his quality of life by exercising, keeping to a right diet, reducing daily stress and avoiding risky behavior.