Sensis Condoms For Easy Condom Use

Apr 28, 2010
Condoms are one of the most common birth control options that offer protection against STD's and unplanned pregnancy. However, many men and women are reluctant to use condom because they think that interferes with the moment during sex, especially when the condom is difficult to put on.

Using Sensis with QuikStrips Condoms, you may no longer worry about spoiling your and your partner's pleasure thanks to the innovative condom technology. Sensis Condoms feature patented QuikStrips –small tabs resembling those that you usually find on band-aids that makes condom use much easier and healthier.

The most common risks associated with condom use are inappropriate spacing, tears from fingernails and contamination from the wrong inside out application of the condom.
All these can be prevented with Sensis condoms that have QuikStrips that make application quick and easy. You just have to pull out the QuikStrips and the condom unrolls over men's penis. Thus you will avoid such problems as putting the condom inside out thanks to the raised-texture ridges on the strips. Also it allows much cleaner way of putting condom on, because you do not need to touch it, which may result in extra lube on your hands. The Sensis Condom has appropriate spacing at the reservoir, which helps to prevent breakage of the condom.

The Sensis Condoms are available in two main types: the Sensis Thin Lubricated Condoms and the Sensis Condoms Micro Ribbed Lubricated condoms. Both types of condoms are made of high-quality latex with minimum latex odor. The Sensis Thin Lubricated Condoms latex condoms are designed to provide maximum sensations during sex. The Sensis Micro-Dot Ribbed condoms have more than 120 dots and six ribbed rings to increase sexual pleasure for both partners.