Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

Nov 11, 2010
Can having sex in certain sex position improve your chances for conception? Many couples try to do their best to get pregnant and ensure that all the conditions are right.

When it comes to sexual position, some specialists say that the best positions for conception are those that allow sperm to be closer to the cervix. This becomes especially important if you have troubles getting pregnant. So what are sex positions that will ensure the closest contact between sperm and the cervix?

Missionary position

This is one of the most widely used sex position that gives the chance to enjoy not only closest contact for both partners, but also for the sperm and the cervix. Lying with your hips up may also ensure that sperm does not leak out and sperm has enough time to reach the egg. The recent research in Amsterdam also showed that women, undergoing artificial insemination, who were lying on their back, had better chances of conceiving a baby.

Man from behind

Doggy style sex position, when a man penetrates from behind also allows deep penetration and is another variation that can be suitable for women who enjoy having sex in this position. But for those who want to let sperm do its job and prevent sperm leakage, this may not be so suitable for woman to stand on her fours after sex.


Some couples may also hear that if a woman has orgasm she has better chances to get pregnant. Virtually, the contractions during sex can suction sperm to the cervix and help it reach the egg faster. But it is more important to ensure your partner's pleasure during sex so that baby making won't turn into a burden.

Still, specialists say that sex position does not play as important role as timing of sex. To make sure you increase your odds of conception, you should have sex during a woman's most fertile days, few days prior and during ovulation. If you find it hard to pinpoint your fertile days, you can use fertility monitors to make lovemaking even more meaningful for both of you.