Sex Tips to Cope with Premature Ejaculation

Jun 09, 2009
Almost every man faces the problem of premature ejaculation at least once in his lifetime. Premature ejaculation is an inability to control ejaculation, which usually occurs shortly after sexual intercourse begins or prior to it.

No need to say that premature ejaculation can be disappointing for man and his partner and lead to unnecessary tension in the relationships. It is important to mention that occasional cases of premature ejaculation are quite normal, especially for younger men. What can you do to last longer during the intercourse?

Sex tips for premature ejaculation

Stay positive

Positive thinking will help you enjoy great sex if you believe in your abilities. Remember that many men at different stages in their life become anxious about their performance in bed. Leave all your worries and problems and try to enjoy sex together with your partner. Learn a number of sexual techniques to please your partner. This will help you feel more confident and let you last longer in bed.

Focus on Sensations

One of the most effective ways to cope with premature ejaculation is to learn focusing on sensations rather than the result. It helps you prolong pleasure for you and your partner and relieves the performance anxiety. To achieve better sexual performance you need to begin concentrating on sensual side of sex, paying more attention to sensations. Start slowly with your clothes on, getting familiar with your partner's body. Only when you feel comfortable enough to sustain sexual foreplay for quite long you can proceed from sensual touching to the intercourse.

Talk to Your Partner

Communication is the key to better sex life. Depression and anxiety over sexual performance when you expect a failure is often a leading cause of premature ejaculation. Ask  your partner what is your and your partner's biggest turn on and what you would like to try to enhance sexual pleasure for both of you. This will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable in each other's presence.

Exercise your pelvic muscles

Pelvic muscles exercises are very helpful for men and women to treat urinary incontinence, as well as strengthen your pelvic floor to take control over premature ejaculation. To find your pelvic floor muscles, try to stop yourself from urinating. Squeeze these muscles and hold on for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat 10 to 20 times per day. You will need to perform pelvic floor exercises regularly for better results.

Learn Stop and Start technique

One of the most common techniques recommended for premature ejaculation treatment is "stop and start" technique, developed by the Masters and Johnson, well-known sex experts. You will need to learn how to stop before you feel you approach orgasm and slow down until sexual sensations subside for a while. This will give you more time to last longer in bed and help get aware of your level of arousal and have better control over premature ejaculation.

Use Sex Aids

One of the options to prolong sexual sensations for you and your partner is to use condoms and lubricants designed for longer sexual performance. Condoms and personal lubricants for delaying ejaculation have a desensitizing lubricant, usually use Benzocaine that is added inside and at the tip of the condom. It works by making penis less sensitive to stimulation and gives better control over orgasm,  helping your partner enjoy sex longer.