Feb 02, 2010
Can you boost your libido with a diet? Yes, you can, if you include the right food in your meals, specialists say. Find out what are the most popular foods that increase your sex drive and improve your sexual performance in bed.

Jul 20, 2009
For most of us orgasm is bliss point, which brings the feeling of utmost satisfaction. However, for some people reaching the big O is associated with some unpleasant symptoms, such as:


While for most people sex is known to be the best painkiller, if they suffer from migraines, around one percent of men and women will experience a severe headache during orgasm.

Aug 22, 2009
It is not only men, who worry about their penis size as more women say that the size of their genitals matters for their self-esteem and sexuality.

The thing is that for most women their vagina is not a visible part like for men and this makes intimate concerns worse.

Mar 12, 2009
While antidepressants are supposed to make you feel happier, they often are the most frequent cause of low sex drive for men and women.

Nov 11, 2010
Can having sex in certain sex position improve your chances for conception? Many couples try to do their best to get pregnant and ensure that all the conditions are right.

Apr 08, 2009
An innovative spray helped men with premature ejaculation last six times longer, a new study says.

The study tested the effectiveness of the PSD502 spray, developed to prolong sexual intercourse for men diagnosed with premature ejaculation. The PSD502 spray contains two drugs lidocaine and prilocaine and is applied locally five minutes before the intercourse.

Dec 19, 2008
Couples often ask if there are some lovemaking secrets to successful conception. Surely, the conception should be not only well-planned but also quite pleasant for both partners. How to improve your sex life to get pregnant as soon as possible?

Aug 05, 2009
Scientists claim that having sex without condom can actually be good for man's and woman's mental health.

A study conducted by Professor Stuart Brody, of the West of Scotland University, Paisley and his team revealed that sexual relationships without condom use were linked to better mental health for both partners.

Jul 31, 2009
Are you trying to conceive? Then the quality of sex might play even more important role than timing ovulation, experts say.

Sexual satisfaction is often given the second place to calculations and fertility diets when it comes to conception. Many couples claim that their sex life become rigid, scheduled, with no fun when they are trying to conceive.

Nov 22, 2010
Do you believe that certain sex position can help you get pregnant? If so, then having sex in the missionary position and letting the woman elevate her lower torso might be an ideal solution for successful conception.

Jan 13, 2009
Do birth control methods affect woman's libido? Many women who experience decreased sex drive may not readily associate their sexual problems with birth control method they choose. However, several studies indicate that there might be a connection between contraceptive method and fluctuations of sex drive in women.

Jan 28, 2009
Men, having more active sex lives in younger age, are at increased risk of developing ">prostate cancer, a new study suggests.

The study conducted at the Nottingham University, UK included 800 men with half of all participants, diagnosed with prostate cancer. All the men were questioned about their sex life: the frequency of sex, including masturbation from teenage years, the number of sexual partners and the history of sexual infections if they had any.

Feb 16, 2009
Sexual dysfunction is a condition that affects millions of women, while many of them are reluctant to admit the problem. There is a wide range of problems related to sex that often become an obstacle to a satisfied sex life. In women sexual dysfunction includes such conditions as lack of sexual desire, painful intercourse, lack of lubrication and inability to reach orgasm.

Jan 14, 2010
A new drug Avanafil acts much faster than other erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, study shows.

Vivus, the pharmaceutical company that developed Avanafil drug, an innovative, PDE5 inhibitor for the treatment of ED (erectile dysfunction), claims that the drug is going to rival well-known ED medications, given the fact that it is effective in just 15 minutes.

Sep 15, 2008
An unusual case of a patient, who had a stroke during sexual intercourse, was recorded by doctors at Loyola University Medical Center.
Sex and Health Risks

Many men and women are concerned about the risk of having health problems from sex. Can you suddenly have a heart attack or even die from sex? There were little studies done on this subject, however there is some statistical data on this topic.

Jan 17, 2012
Sonic technology has been already used in some health gadgets, such as Clarisonic skin system and Philips Sonicare toothbrush and now the patented technology is behind an innovative sex toy.

The Orb by Revel Body is the first sex toy device that uses this technology to develop high-performance vibration motor.

Jun 11, 2009
Condom is one of the most popular barrier birth control methods for men. It is effective against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy, being also convenient, when used correctly.

May 20, 2009
Circumcision is a surgical procedure of removing the foreskin of the penis. Nowadays, circumcision is one of the most wide-spread and controversial procedures performed due to personal or religious reasons.

Aug 14, 2008
Having an earlier experience of sexually transmitted disease may predict sexual dysfunction problems for men and women later in life.

History of STD roughly quadruples a woman's chances of having painful intercourse and triples lubrication problems, a new study say. Men are also five times more likely to have unsatisfying sex life if they had an STD in the past.

Nov 19, 2009
Drug, which was initially made to treat depression, proved to be effective in boosting sexual desire in women, a new study shows.

John Thorp, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine and the leading researcher of the study analyzed the effectiveness of the drug flibanserin in treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

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