Sha ToBu: Shapewear that Really Burns Calories

Jun 04, 2010
Women, wearing specially designed garments for improving their shape burn more calories during workouts than those, who wear common sportswear, the recent study shows.

Scientists at the University of Virginia tested the effectiveness of using shapewear on 15 women, aged around 39 years old. The women wore Sha ToBu, a shapewear that is made to burn extra calories while you are exercising. During the study the participants took two 15-minute tests walking on a treadmill. Scientists did not change the treadmill speed, but varied the treadmill incline at 5% or 10%. One group of women was wearing ShaToBu shapewear, while the other group had usual sports clothing.

The results showed that women wearing Sha ToBu burned up to 16 more calories, especially if they were walking at 10% treadmill incline.

Arthur Weltman,  the director of the graduate exercise physiology program at the University of Virginia, said that the Sha ToBu shapewear increased energy expenditure during workouts.

The Sha ToBu is shapewear garments that are designed to make belly, hips and legs toned. They feature seamless resistance bands that not only give a smooth appearance, but also help to burn more calories during walking or climbing the stairs. It is made of moisture-wicking nylon and lycra that keep you cool and feeling comfortable during wearing.