Shapewear that Makes You Look Slimmer

Aug 09, 2011
If you decided to lose extra weight and become more active, choosing the right shapewear is one of the most delicate tasks.

Like many women, Danielle Dobin, a designer and mother, did not like the idea of wearing shapewear that would expose all her imperfections and decided to develop a high performance activewear.

Apifeni is a new range of shapewear that uses ShapeTech technology that ensures support and stability for your core, tightening your tummy and making you look and feel better. At the bottom, Apifeni shapewear uses SoftTech technology to provide flatter curves, without bulging, sweating or irritation. All the shapewear items are designed to stay dry without slipping during workouts.

The Apifeni also donates a portion of apifeni garments to Women for Women organization that is dedicated to helping women survivors of war.