Sleep Scan Analyzes the Quality of Your Sleep

Apr 08, 2010
Do you wonder how well you sleep during the night? Japanese manufacturer Tanita came up with the idea of a device that can tell about the real duration and the quality of your sleep so thta you can make some changes in your lifestyle.

Sleep Scan looks like a regular mat that is placed under the mattress during sleep. The health gadget monitors your body movements, breathing and heart rate to give you the answer on how well and how long you really slept.

The data is stored on an SD or SDHC card and then scrutinized with the help of software. A 2GB SD card that is included to the system can store up to 500 sleep cycles. You can get familiar with your sleep patterns looking at the graphs and sleep score that the Sleep Scan provides you.  

The Sleep Scan mat measures 863×314×26mm and weighs around 1,3 kg. Sleep Scan will be available in Japan from May this year.