Smart Baby Clothing Monitors Baby's Health

Sep 01, 2010
New parents, who are worried about their baby, may soon be able to use specially designed clothing that tells about such vital signs as heartbeat, activity level and emotional state.

Exmobaby is a unique baby clothing developed by Exmovere , a biomedical engineering company, which provides continuous wireless monitoring , while a baby is wearing the garment. The smart clothing is made of washable, conductive fabric-based biosensor and comes with a safe rechargeable Zigbee wireless transceiver that is attached to the pouch. All the necessary data is sent to the PC or cell phone so that they can watch over baby's heartbeat, emotional state and activity level continuously.

The Exmobaby will be especially useful for parents, who are concerned about the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or infant sleep apnea or those who have to work or leave their baby to a babysitter.

The Exmobaby pajama kits will be available in the beginning of 2011 in limited edition of just 1,000 kits. The baby kit will include the garment itself, Zigbee transceiver, monitoring software for cell phone or computer. The parents will also have the possibility to use the company's online service for six months.