Smart Cane that Watches Over Your Health

Jul 05, 2011
People, who have to use a cane, often face the risk of health problems that may occur unexpectedly.

The Aid is an innovative health gadget developed by designer Egle Ugintaite from Lithuania and will surely become a useful tool for everyone, who needs it. The smart cane that was awarded at the recent Fujitsu's 2011 design award is able to track vital health signs such as blood pressure, pulse and body temperature. The Aid cane is equipped with special sensors that, when pressed, send the data to the LCD screen visible on the clasp.

In case of emergency, the user can press the SOS button and the built-in navigator will provide the necessary information about the help center near the person's location. The person can call the help center via phone or internet and the device will give the information about the most appropriate route with the directions that can be heard through headphones.