Smart Clothing that Eases Back Pain

May 04, 2011
Chronic back pain is common problem especially for those who spend most of the time sitting at the desk. Justine Smith, an Australian design student came up with the idea of creating a smart wearable device that reduces back pain. Spinovo is a concept that uses modular system and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) method to relieve back pain.

Spinovo system is equipped with electromyography sensors and 4 therapy packs that focus on the primary muscles, heating and cooling them for therapeutic effect.

The gadget also uses TENS therapy, which means that mild electric current is sent to the user's skin. This method is known to reduce muscle and nerve pain.

Spinovo monitors the user's posture, having a thin carbon and polymer bend sensor that watches over your spine position and your major muscles to warn about poor posture. The signal is sent to the user and thus you learn how to maintain the correct posture.
Via [Gizmag.com]