Smart Pill Tracks Your Vital Signs, Sends Data to Your Smartphone

Feb 20, 2012
In near future the pill could be your best doctor, watching over your vital signs such as heart rate or blood sugar level. The smart pill called Helius was developed by Proteus Medical and Swiss company Novartis and has a biodegradable chip and medication to track the important health signs, which are sent to your smartphone.

The pill will give you valuable information about your heart rate, temperature, glucose level and respiratory rate.

Since health monitoring though various health gadgets becomes more and more popular these days, such pill will certainly help many patients and their doctors get instant information about their condition. In such cases the patient could get help faster, which in many cases could safe life.

The Helius has a tiny microchip that is swallowed in a pill to monitor body's reaction to medications. The miscrochip becomes active when it comes in contact with water. Once activated, it starts sending high electronic frequences through the body. The measurements on temperature, heart rate, sleeping patterns and respiration rate are sent to a skin patch. Then you will be able to see this information on a website with the help of a smartphone app., thus your doctor will know if the medications works.