Smart Clothes That Make You Healthier

Feb 01, 2010
The idea of using clothes to monitor health of its wearer has become quite popular in the last few decades.

The largest manufacturers of the clothing now work on the development of innovative and intelligent fabrics, nanofabrics and wearable technology.

These smart clothes look like ordinary clothes, but use the latest technology innovations to help you deal with various health conditions and prevent diseases.

Clothes That Fight Body Odor

Specialists have launched a new range of smart clothing that can help you deal with excessive sweating. Australian company King Gee has developed the fabric that incorporates nanotechnology to absorb bad body odor. The fabric also is able to absorb only unpleasant odors and leave for example the antiperspirant's or deodorant's smell.

Suit That Kills Swine Flu

Japanese scientists came up with a suit that fights off swine flu. Haruyama Trading Company released a men's suit that looks like a common suit, but is embedded with titanium dioxide, which destroys the swine flu virus. When the well-known ingredient comes in contact with sunlight, it acts against the swine flu virus.

Tights that Slim Down Your Legs

The popular UK brand Aristoc has a range of tights that claim to improve the appearance of your legs. The tights contain microcapsules with vitamin E that has a moisturizing effect, ginkgo biloba exract to stimulate circulation, deep sea minerals that fight with fat cells and make your skin look smother and younger. Also the graduated compression of the tights works by increasing blood circulation, which helps to deliver all the right nutrients to the skin surface.

Clothes that Take Your Temperature

One of the latest inventions in smart clothes industry is temperature sensing clothes for babies. Babyglow, is a range of clothes for babies that changes its color, when the baby's temperature rises above the normal. Chris Ebejer , who developed the smart fabric containing pigments that react to any temperature shifts, spent more than 6 years to came up with the idea.

Smart Bra That Detects Breast Cancer

UK researchers developed an intelligent bra that helps women check themselves for the early signs of breast cancer. The smart bra contains a number of microwave antennae that sense changes in temperature in the breasts, which may indicate cancer at an early stage. The idea is based on thermography that finds thermal signs to detect breast cancer.

Pants that Control Blood Pressure

Philips created innovative smart underpants that check man's blood pressure, through sensors that are embedded in the waistband. The small electrodes, made of conductive rubber receive the signals from the central aorta and transfer the information to a tiny monitor, that can be attached to a belt. A man can also download the data from the pants into computer for doctor's verdict.