Smartipants: Eco-friendly Diapers Among iParenting Awards

Jul 13, 2010
Nowadays many parents switch to cloth diapers as more economical and eco-friendly way to keep your baby or toddler dry and clean.

SmartiPants Onesize Cloth Diaperū a new collection of reusable eco-friendly diapers are claimed to be both  easy to use and easy to care. Listed among award-winning products from the 2010 Excellent Products Call of iParenting Award, Smartipants are not only have nice design, but are also effective at absorbing moisture. These cloth diapers are made of breathable waterproof fiber and produced without the use of chemicals or irritants. The diapers feature patented extra soft Smart Sleeve Inserts that absorb moisture and messes. Caring for the inserts is also very easy. All you have to do is to change it when it becomes wet, while during washing the insert simply comes out.

Smartipants are designed for babies of all sizes and can be comfortably adjusted as you baby grows thanks to the adjustable snaps. Thus you can use Smartipants over and over again and they will fit your baby well into toddlerhood.

The diapers were designed with Leak-Guard Technology to prevent leakage and gentle stretch elastic that does not restrain movements, but provides secure fit.

Smartipants are also good on our environment as they are reusable, which cuts down the amount of waste and chemicals.