Smartphone App that Detects Early Symptoms of Illness

Jul 04, 2011
Your Smartphone can soon become your best doctor, as the new Android app can predict the beginning of the illness, such as flu or common cold and depression, before you even realize it yourself.

DailyData is an application created by MIT Media Lab that is able to alert the user, if something goes wrong with their health by analyzing SMS data, calling data and locating data. The app detects the changes that indicate the onset of some illnesses. For example, the beginning of depression can be characterized by the changes in the way someone communicates.

In the tests, the DailyData app was able to identify 60% to 90% of symptomatic days for mental health and respiratory problems.

The user can view their usual behavior and changes that occur, which may tell that he or she is sick.

The developers hope that in future this tool could be used by caretakers as an early warning.