SmartSense Shawl Protects Women from Radiation

May 26, 2011
If you are concerned about everyday radiation, which, in fact, became the inevitable part of our life, then you will need an anti-radiation shield to protect your body from unnecessary radiation.

Cell phones, WiFi, microwaves, computers and numerous gadgets just to name a few are around us all day long.

SmartSense company that actually comprises of two women, who are worried about the level of radiation nowadays, came up with a the SmartSense Shawl, a wrap that should be worn to reduce radiation exposure, which is especially important for pregnant women or those who is worried about the risk of getting breast cancer.

The Shawl is made of cotton fibers and specially designed fabric that has anti-radioactive properties. The company also offers SmartCovers that can be used to cover the devices, like microwaves.

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