SmartSole Exercise Insoles Fight Cellulite

May 14, 2010
If you do not have time for regular workouts, but wish to get rid of the cellulite, you can now make use of anti-cellulite insoles.

SmartSole Exercise Insoles are meant to make your legs look toned and smooth. It is known that cellulite is caused by poor lymphatic and blood circulation, which leads to the dimply appearance of your thighs and buttocks. SmartSole Insoles have a specially designed hard heel cup with visco gel insert that adjust your shock forces so that your feet not only comfortable, but also fit. Your feet will be positioned in such a way that your feet and the heels will be cushioned for the right posture and your legs will receive a proper workout. The insoles' special design increases circulation and, as a result reduces cellulite.

Wearing the SmartSole Exercise Insoles regularly tones your muscles, lessens fatigue and prevents and treats varicose veins that are caused by circulation disorders.

The insoles are available in different sizes, from Small 5 1/2 – 8 to Medium 8 ½ - 11 sizes.